New updates and improvements to LearnHouse


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AI, Users management, LearnHouse Learn , Bug fixes and more..

Last month we've been working on new features and improvements to make your experience with LearnHouse even better. Here are some of the highlights:

LearnHouse AI

  • Ask AI : Talk with an Activity, ask questions, get help understanding any subject on a lecture or a course.
  • AI Editor : Your co-pilot for writing educational content.

User Management

  • Manage users : Manage your users, remove from organizations, assign roles and more.
  • Signup method : Decide how users can signup to your organization, freely or by invitation only.

LearnHouse Learn

LearnHouse Learn is our own organization inside the platform, where we create original courses and lectures about LearnHouse and how to use it. This month we've added our first course :

  • Get started with LearnHouse

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug fixes : We've fixed a lot of bugs and improved the overall performance of the platform.
  • UI improvements : Minor UI improvements, making it more user friendly and easy to use.
  • New features : We've added new features to the platform, like the ability to change your user avatar and more.
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